Not a lot is known about this Carmarthenshire hermit whose ancient cell was in a tree. This tree, as late as the nineteenth century was bedecked by rags. These scraps of cloth represented the offerings of the Gwernogle village folk, remembering age old traditions of the Saints healing powers. It is replicated these days by children across the world, hanging prayer leaves on bare branches.
SILYN like Melangell(see earlier post) had animal companions whose lives were threatened by materialistic Princes and Noblemen who did not understand the natural harmony between Saint and creature. Silyn gave protection to a hunted stag, this event is linked with the Welsh name for a plant, Bucks Horn Plantain—-Llysiau SILYN (Silyns Herbs )
As I said earlier little is known about this Welsh Saint but as a saviour of the forest I thought he was worth a mention.

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  1. Susan Davies says:

    Hadn’t heard of this Saint! Wales must have as many Saints as castles!!

  2. Stephen Delwyn says:

    Nice one!

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