As a young boy I loved the adventure and feeling of exploration offered by the Brombil

The Brombil ,a valley North of the coastal plain of Margam, stretching from Wern farm to the reservoir at the top.

It had its own babbling brook which after heavy rains turned into a torrent of white waters on its steepest course between Brombil Farm and Wern Farm. Using the branches of the trees that edged this stretch we would cross the stream as a test of bravery.
As boys we enjoyed the natural beauty and fun it provided, it was frequented as much in those days by adults, families and courting couples. On the warm days of summer people had their favourite picnic sites, spending the whole day sprawled in the geogaphy of its natural beauty.

But as boys saw it as a more as a dynamic landscape, building dams, tickling trout, climbing trees and swimming in the reservoir.
Once a year the stream was invaded by thousands of eels, much to our dislike, there was something alien about them, unlike the birds that lived in the valley, from the common thrush, linnets to kingfishers.

Another feature that I haven’t mentioned is the old coal drift mine. It’s entrance is still visible about half way up the valley and its dram road that contours to the right alongside the mountain at times gone by supplied its mined coal to the copper works at Margam.

Although it is much overgrown with nature taking back its own, through fewer people frequenting the area, it is still one of my favourite places

Meanwhile it is said that “nature is a book written by God”