Born in Swansea in 1914, educated in the local grammar school his father’s deep love of literature passed on to him and his uncle, a traditional Welsh preacher helping him how to read his poetry to an audience. All this was the start of his career that led to his celebrity status and reputatation.
He left South Wales for London in 1934 and following his marriage to Caitlin in 1937, they eventually settled in LAUGHARNE. Money problems beset them forcing them to sell all their worldly goods and leave the village.
In 1948, the Boathouse came on the market. Dylan by then was desperate to return to South Wales, was very grateful that his loyal patron, Margaret Taylor purchased the house enabling Dylan and family to move in.
More financial problems resulted in Dylan making more long and strenuous tours of America. There he found Fame, fortune and self destruction
Despite his reputation as an outlaw artist, a maverick, work always came first for poet Dylan Thomas.
With an intellect, like flames and hot embers he wrought, forged words, then twisted ad shaped to form literary sculptures of great feeling. He was a Wordsmith par excellence!! He read his works better than anyone.. Expressing with feeling,interpretation, performing with the power and pertinence of a pulpit preacher.
And his pursuit of poetic perfection, literary leadership,he was an icon, an ego,a perpetual presence in the temple of excellence.
We must not be seduced by his wild side, the drunk the womaniser, the boaster, the show off. He was all of those but putting aside his wild life’s and remember who the real Dylan was. One of the greatest poets and writers of the 20th century.
Dylan died in New York in 1953,aged 39years. He was buried in St. Martin’s churchyard, LAUGHARNE and his grave is marked with a simple wooden cross.