St. Dwynwen, The Patron Saint of Lovers

St. Dwynwen’s Day, the 25th. January, commemorates the Patron Saint of Lovers, the Welsh equivalent of St. Valentine’s Day.
Dwynwen lived in the 5th Century, the so called ‘ Golden Age of Welsh Saints’. She was the most beautiful of the 24 daughters of Brychan, King of Brecon. She fell in love with Prince Maelon Dafodrill but the King had already promised her to another nobleman so did not approve of this match. Disappointed and heartbroken, Dwynwen ran off into the forest in tears. Maelon ran after her, in desperation he tried to seduce and rape her but Dwynwen being of devout nature rejected all his advances. She prayed to God for help, granting her some comfort in forgetting her love for her Prince, also to forgive him for his behaviour. Later, an angel came to her in a dream, giving her, giving her a potion to ease her heartache and the benefit of three wishes.
First, she asked that Maelon be forgiven and freed from all his torment, that all lovers who invoke her be blessed to find true love and that she would never be married and remain a consecrated virgin for the rest of her days. God answered al her wishes and she devoted herself to his service, establishing a hermitage for women on Llanddwyn island, off the coast of Anglesey. The hermitage proved so popular soon becoming a convent, then a priory. Also, on the island Dwynwen’s Well can be found, where it is said a sacred fish swims. Visitors believe that if it disturbs the water when they are present, love will surely follow. Many young lovers still visit the well and the fish still appears to those seeking reassurances about their love life. If the water surface is disturbed her boyfriend / husband will remain faithful.
In medieval times before the Reformation, much revelry, dancing and celebrating took place on St. Dwynwen’s Day, but Henry XIII put paid to that. I ‘m glad to say that it is regaining popularity and St. Dwynwen Day cards are now being offered in chain card shops as well as Tesco’s and other supermarkets. So why wait wait for St. Valentines Day to make your romantic feelings known. You can wish your loved one ” Dwi’n dy garu di”(I love you ) weeks earlier