The Legend of Gelert

There are many variants of this story, but this is how the legend was told me many years ago.

This 13th century story tells of Llewelyn the Great, Prince of North Wales, going on a hunting trip and leaving his baby son in the charge of his faithful hound Gelert.

On his return,when greeted by his dog, noticed his muzzle was soaked in blood and his baby son was nowhere to be seen.Llewelyn suspecting that Gelert had killed his young son, attacked him with his sword, gravely wounding him. However, within minutes of Gelert dying, the cry of a baby was heard. He stumbled through the bushes to find his young son safe in his cradle and the body of a giant wolf beside it. The wolf was covered in wounds from a fight to the death with Gelert.

Llewelyn hastened back to his faithful dog, only to watch him die from the blows of his sword.The sad and ashamed Prince buried Gelert with honour and it is said the Prince never smiled again.

The village that grew up here took the name Beddgelert, Welsh for the grave of

Next month I’ll tell you another tale from the land of mystery and magic, speak to you then,….regards Emrys