There are many writers and writings describing tales of his magic and prophesies but let’s unfurl the mysteries of his other life styles, shape shifting and time travelling.
Robert de Boran, in the 12th century, tells in his ‘Estoire De Merlin’ of his shape shifting deeds. In these writings he first appears as a woodcutter, with an axe, big shoes,a torn coat, bristly hair, and a large beard. Also, describes him appearing as a handsome man and a beautiful boy. Later as an old man ,short ,hunchback with a long beard,cruel and fierce looking,carrying a club and driving a multitude of beasts before him.
In ‘Livre D’Artus’, Merlin enters Rome, bursts into the court of Julius Caeser in the form of a huge stag, tells the emperor that only the wild man of the woods can interpret the dream that troubles him. Later returning as a black, shaggy barefoot wildman.
Finally, a shape shift that will be spoken of forever. He transforms himself into a herdsman carrying a club,wearing a wolf skin and leggings. He is large, bent, black, hairy ad old. His ears hang down to his waist, a hump on his back,his feet and hands are backwards. He is hideous and over 18feet tall.
As a postscript, there is a collection of Dr Who fans who consider the Doctor, with his many shape shifts to be modern day reincarnation of Merlin.
Well I never!???


  1. Susan Davies says:

    And like Merlin, The Doctor returns, very soon!! xx

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