THE VILLAGE OF GROES.                                                                  

To satisfy family feeling, tradition and of course Acts of Parliament, I started school, aged. 4/5 years. There was no selection or choice of school, just turning up at your nearest local primary school . My nearest school was in the village of Groes.

This week I am talking about this village only and will my schooling next week.

The village of Groes no longer exists. Sadly and criminally knocked down for thr the construction of the the M4 motorway, planners at that time said there was no other route. Although recently an alternative roadway has been built from Margam bypassing Port Talbot to the Souh of the town. All to late to save Groes from the bulldozers.

The village housed the Margam Estate workers. The centre of the village was a conglomerate of allotments with terraced houses on its sides. They were stone built with hard earth floors. Houses and allotment gardens were proudly cared for.

In addition to the school there was the well known Round Chapel, which with the lane that led to the Brombil along side it forming the boundary to the village. The whole not just being feudal but an admired architectural site

It has been difficult putting into words th loveliness of this village and next week we will remember my schooling, meanwhile, ” I get annoyed when  I think about how we we are depleting our planet. Nature is so giving we must learn not to take so much or at least to give something back.”

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  1. Stephen Delwyn says:

    I can remember going to visit Uncle Elfed, Aunty Val and Nerys in Groes. Happy memories.

  2. su5yd says:

    Yes, me too! I remember they had a piano in their cottage even though it was a tight squeeze! Keep the memories coming! Xxx

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