This tale takes place in an area that became ravaged by the greed of the iron masters in the 18th century. It was how Bos would have imagined it if he wanted to paint an estate of Satanic character.
Many centuries before, it had been a place of refuge and quiet thought on the banks of the Taf . One of the most most beautiful rivers and the home of a holy woman and members of her family. Her name was Tydfil and she was at the centre of a small religious community building a Llan which included a wattle /daub church, a hospice and a scriptorium. There she lived healing the sick and naturing the Christian beliefs of her followers.
Tydfil’s father was Brychan, Prince of Brecon , lived in the 5th century and was related to many of the early Celtic Christians who flourished at that time . It became known as ‘the age of saints’.
Legend has it that the ageing Brychan making his last visit to his holy daughter in the Taf valley became separated from his protective entourage an was attacked by a marauding band of a heathen raiding party . Tydfil and three of her brothers were slain and since the place has been known as Merthyr Tydfil


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