THE RABI (teacher or my master) and the JACOB EPSTEIN TRIBUTE in LLANDAFF

He was scorned, ridiculed, tortured, killed in great pain on a cross.
Despite this treatment and abuse, his message to all including his transgressors was ” Love one another as I have loved you”
Before giving up the ghost, with his dying breath , on the cross, his lips uttered the message ” forgive them”.
To feel such sentiments, whilst feeling such pain and prospects , surely makes him very special. To many the Greatest Man who ever lived.
Although his followers acclaimed him as the Son of God, he never refuted the title of RABI given him by the people of the time. Allegedly, he said “You do not have to believe in Me but believe in what I say”
Making the case….Behaviour is more important than just belief.


When next in South Wales, find the time to visit Llandaff Cathedral and see the tribute paid to the Great Man by Jacob Epstein. His magnificent sculpture ‘Christ in Majesty’ held aloft over the main nave of the church by two flying buttresses. This modernistic representation caused much controversy when first unveiled. This indeed is a striking sculpture.aff

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  1. Stephen Delwyn says:

    Happy Easter to you too! I concur, the Christ in Majesty sculpture is a masterpiece.

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