December,the days of Advent, Christmas, and the greatest story ever told, the world over. Respected, treasured and celebrated by all people’s in all corners, snow and sun alike. Told by artists, painters , poets, and players of music.
This month I shall forsake my folklore and compete or compare with the Christmas carol, but recall this sensational story of the first Christmas.
A teenage Virgin, heavy with child, along with her betrothed arrive in Bethlehem, Judea, to register for a national census. Seeking somewhere to stay they find no room at the Inn, have to share a manger with its animals. That night, Mary, that being her name, gives birth to a son. Only straw for a crib , this humble arrival is greeted with great joy by the shepherds in the fields, trooped by Kings and Wise men from the Orient, guided by a new star in the heavens to worship this new star on Earth.
This New Born came to preach, practice love and forgiveness. He was no zealot but the leaders of that time along with the priests and scribes feared what he taught, that we learn to love one another and teach tolerance.
His life was to change human history. We now celebrate the coming of the Christ Child with the giving of gifts and the sending of greetings.
In Wales,in the Shire of Carmarthen, we have the sleepy village of Bethlehem, its shepherds and country folk welcome visitors this time of the year, from far and wide, who come to post their cards to get the acclaimed Bethlehem Postmark.
If you wish to do likewise in this charming village, you will be more than welcomed by the country folk in this picturesque part of Wales.

2 comments on “BETHLEHEM

  1. Plopitybonk says:

    Well, I did not know there was a place in Carmarthenshire called Bethlehem. Lovely story!

  2. Stephen Delwyn says:

    There is also a small town called Bethlehem in the Orange Free State of South Africa. Similarly, people visit prior to Christmas to post their cards.

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