This is one of the best loved legends of the lost city of KENFIG and I am telling it as it was told me as a boy, some 70 years ago.
In early medieval times, whilst the local lord was seeking a suitable husband for his daughter, she fell in love with e poor local boy but the marriage was refused by her father. The rejected suitor, disappointed, left to seek his fortune. He returned later to murder the Lords Revenue Man making away with all the monies collected from the taxing of the local folk.
Undetected, now rich he married the Lord’s daughter. That night high winds raged, howling “Vengeance will come with the your ninth generation”
. Life carried on regardless until the murderer’s and the lord’s daughter’s great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson was born, then the winds howled again”Vengeance has come.”
The following morning when outlying country folk came in, they found nothing left of the city. In its place a large extent of water, known today as Kenfig Pool.
To this day, it is said that there are times, in high winds you can hear the church bells tolling under the lake. Local fishermen complain of their lines getting tangled and broken by the city walls. You are also warned not to swim in the Southwest of the pool where the supposed black gutter was. It is said that whirlpools occur here sending more than one to an untimely early grave.
The area is now a nature reserve, enjoying much fame and worth a visit when you are down this way