Tales,myths,legends of Anglesey

In times of the medieval, according to a script written in Latin, the island enjoyed the reputation of producing more grain than all the other regions of Wales. It was said when crops failed elsewhere it could supply the rest of Wales. Hence in those times it was called in Welsh ‘ Mon Mam Cymru’ which means ‘ Mona Mother of Wales’.
These Latin writings also spoke of another smaller island, close to its shore, almost adjoining it. Here a group of hermits lived, dedicated to religious service. When quarrels broke out amongst them ,small mice would appear, eat their food, what they could n’t eat they would deface. As soon as the arguments were resolved the mice would disappear. women were never allowed on this island. It was called Ynys Lannog which translates to Priests Island.
Gerald of Wales, a renown scholar priest of this time whose writings they were, also told of a mysterious stone found on Anglesey that w as the size and shape of a man’s thigh bone.It had the extraordinary property that however far it was carried it returned on its own accord the following night.This mysterious property was often proved true by the local people, like when the Lord of the Island, the Earl of Shrewsbury, to test it, had it chained to another much larger stone and dumped far out to sea. Early next morning it was found back in place, the Earl then made a public edict that it was never again be moved. That did n’t stop a countryman attempting to test the power, strapping it to his leg, his leg turned gangrenous before the stone returned to its place.
As Geraldus Cambrensis said in these writings the island is worthy of our attention and there is much mystery to be found here. I have tried to feature just a few., where as my favourite story of this island is not of the medieval but just after the English Civil War.
It is the tale of a famous highway person in the name of Einir Wyn or Madam Wen of Anglesey. She had once been wealthy Royal heiress, whose family land and fortune had been confiscated by the Roundheads during the Civil War.Einir Wyn in her determination to restore the family fortunes turned to a life of smuggling and stealing. She had her own ship for smuggling and a bunch of accomplices for highway robbery, In the rocks of Llyn Traffwi, there is reportedly Madam Wen ‘s cave. the locals claim it has an underground chamber where she stashed her booty. One legend tells of Madam Wen in a chase across the snowy countryside, the Excisemen in hot pursuit following her horse’s tracks in the snow. Little did they know, she had re-shod her horse so that their shoes pointed backwards. The trail led the Revenue round in circles back to their starting point.
To this day locals claim to see her restless ghost swimming to escape in the lake and also riding as though being chased along the sands of Rhosneigr Bay.

This is obviously an island worth a visit, not only for its history and way out mystery but for its scenery including the vaunted artists views of the Menai straits with the Snowdonia Mountains

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  1. Stephen Delwyn says:

    Interesting tales. Must say I enjoyed my own brief visit to “Mon Mam Cymru” and would like to see more.

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